Around the World at Market Common

Around the world
How many countries can you visit in one evening?  Kelly and I visited four in our “Around the World” food adventure at Market Common!

Market Common in Myrtle Beach boasts various restaurants offering food from locations “around the world” including China, Germany, Italy, and Mexico, all within walking distance.  The way we travelled was to map out each country’s Happy Hour and to only order an appetizer and drink that reflected some part of the country we were visiting.

We started at China, a.k.a. P.F. Chang. Happy Hour from 4pm-6pm (we got there at 5:45pm).  We ordered the Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps (my favorite) and a small jar of Gekkeikan Sake to share. Chicken Lettuce Wraps are Wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, green onions and water chestnuts served over crispy rice sticks with cool, crisp lettuce pieces/cups to wrap the chicken in. We were seated at a table but realized that this tour was really more suited for seats at the bar.  We left a tip for our poor waiter that almost doubled our bill.  Cost: Lettuce wraps $6.00, Sake, $4.00.

We moved on to Germany, a.k.a. Gordon Biersch.  Happy Hour from 4pm-7pm.  We sat in the bar section this time and ordered their  Flash Fried Artichoke Hearts and Beer Sampler.  We were disappointed not to find any bratwurst or other seemingly-German food items on their Starters menu during our visit and decided to go with something neither of us had eaten before.  The Fried Artichoke Hearts were just that: artichoke hearts that were fried.  The Beer Sampler was very cool.  There were eight 4 ounce samples of various beer including what they said were two popular German beers (which I found to be hoppy), an Hefferveisen, and two seasonal brews. Cost: around $13.

Next up was Italy, a.k.a. Travinia Italian Kitchen.  They were offering a special Happy Hour on the summer weekday we went from 4pm-8pm.  We took a seat at the actual bar this time.  The special was a half-glass of wine and a starter.  We orignally chose a wine they were out of.  So we decided on a Pinot Noir with the chicken meatballs.  The wine was nice.  The meatballs didn’t seem that different from beef meatballs and reminded us of the meatball that Lady and the Tramp shared .  The service was slow – especially since we were sitting right in front of the bar tender and there were only two other people at the bar – and the atmosphere kind of fell flat.  We were overall disappointed with Italy.  However when we told the bartender about our escapade and the countries we were visiting, he asked if we were going to the islands of Tommy Bahama (a restaurant also located at Market Common).  We realized we had missed an opportunity and made a note to visit the islands next time. Cost: around $10.

We ended our night in Mexico, a.k.a. Nacho Hippo.  $3 margaritas all day.  We managed to squeeze in at the bar – it’s always crowded and a party at Nacho Hippo! – and we each ordered a margarita and shared an order of Churros.  Churros are crispy fried dough on the outside, sprinkled with sugar, and came with chocolate dipping sauce.  They are star-shaped, but are long like a pencil…and were delicious! Cost: around $12.

Our whirlwind tour ended a little after 8:30pm.  Can’t wait to try it again…and include the islands!