A Day in Downtown Conway

Fruits and veggies
Karen and I began our day at the Conway Farmer’s Market, where we both found some local treats to enjoy.  As you can see, the Conway Farmer’s Market offers more than fruits and veggies.  Throughout my adventures at the market, I have enjoyed whipped honey, goat cheese, locally produced wine, and organic locally produced soap.

Our next stop was Bodega, a great local shop touting a wide array of kitchen supplies and tablescapes, including Gurgle Pots (I have a slight obsession).  Bodega is also a great place to find an unusual selection of wine, beer, coffee, and loose-leaf tea.  It is a fabulous place to check out when it is open, which in my opinion is not long enough.

Curtains-N-Things is a fabulous boutique whose name doesn’t do it justice.  Although this store does sell a wide variety of curtains, the “N-Things” portion of the store was the star.  It reminded me of a Hallmark store with jewelry, candles, and home decor. Although the name and store front could use an upgrade, Curtains-N-Things will not disappoint once you’re inside.

After our many shopping adventures, we began to get hungry and decided to stop into one of my favorite local places, Crafty Rooster. Crafty Rooster offers your typical pub food: burgers, wings, wraps and sandwiches. It also offers numerous beers on tap, and has many special nights throughout the week including Rocking Bingo Monday, Cards against Humanity Tuesday, Trivia Wednesday, Take the Glass Thursday, and Family Game Night Sunday. It’s safe to say many of these events will eventually have their own posts.

After lunch, we headed to River City Christmas, a unique store containing eleven different rooms dedicated to the Christmas season.  Actually,I lied.  Ten rooms dedicated to Christmas and one dedicated to autumn, which was my favorite (Halloween is my favorite holiday).  Each room had its own theme, filled with unique items I find it hard to believe you could find anywhere else. (One room, dubbed by Karen and I as the “Mermaid Room” contained only mermaid-themed items- ornaments, lights, trees, garland…you name it!)

Not the type of people to pass on dessert, Karen and I made our way to The Trestle, a local bakery offering many delicious treats.  Karen and I split a dark chocolate cappuccino mouse, while her daughter made us feel guilty by ordering the much healthier  fruit and yogurt parfait.  Everything was, of course, delicious. To be honest, I’ve never heard a bad word about The Trestle Bakery or Cafe.

Our last stop of our adventure was IDK.  The first thing one notices when entering IDK is the overwhelming smell which is hard to describe, but is definitely not good.  The store had many interesting clothing items, including chalkboard shirts (clothing covered with chalk board paint that could be written on) and other unique fashions.  What stands out most about this shop, besides the smell, are the two large birds that are kept in the corner.  We noticed them almost instantly, as one was having a screaming fit.  Both were able to “speak”, and the birds definitely added an interesting element to the clothing boutique.  This store would have been a perfect eclectic store for a college town if you were to get rid of the smell and the birds.  It was definitely an interesting last stop.

All in all, Karen and I had a wonderful day enjoying the many diverse shops and eateries of downtown Conway.  If you enjoy small, local shops, I promise you’ll find a few gems in this small town.