Conway Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny watches over the children racing to find 2500 Easer eggs at Conway Recreation Complex

The Easter Bunny watches over the children racing to find 2500 Easer eggs at Conway Recreation Complex

What does the Easter Bunny do with ten-thousand candy-filled Easter eggs in Conway? He hides them in baseball fields!

The Conway Recreation Complex hosted an Easter Egg hunt for children between the ages of one and 12 years this Easter season. I enlisted the help of my six-year-old daughter and our seven- and five-year-old neighbors who were more than willing to help me on this particular adventure (unfortunately Kelly had to work).

The festivities began at 10am at the Recreation Complex located on Mill Pond Road. Once we arrived we found a large building with an impressive playground behind it. The playground had slides, swings, and various climbing bars. The area also boasted a picnic shelter and inflatables set up for the event. The picnic shelter housed friendly volunteers asking us to guess how many jelly beans were in a jar and directing us to face painting. The egg hunts started at 11am and included four age groups: one to two year olds, three to five year olds, six to eight year olds, and nine to 12 year olds. Each hunt included 2500 eggs strewn across nearby baseball fields.

While we waited for the egg hunts my daughter and her friends spent most of their time on the playground. It didn’t take long for the warm weather to prompt us to look for a water fountain.  We were told to walk across the parking lot where we found a bridge in a wooded area that led to soccer fields and a concession stand with restrooms and a drinking fountain. Once they drank their fill we made our way back to the picnic shelter where two young Conway High School JROTC volunteers were painting faces. Our five-year-old requested a “ninja” for his face which I quickly suggested he change to a star once I saw the horror on the painter’s face as he tried to figure out how to make that happen. Each child got to pick out which color they wanted on their face and they left happy.

As 11am approached the Conway Recreation staff announced the start of the egg hunts and told us that each egg had a piece of candy in it or a slip of paper. If they found a piece of paper they were to take it to the picnic shelter to claim their prize. Prizes included Easter baskets full of goodies, big candy boxes, and the grand prize of a bicycle in each age group! The age groups went one at a time. The children lined up behind a rope barrier, armed with Easter baskets they had brought from home or plastic grocery bags, ready to collect the colorful Easter eggs dotting the field in front of them. When my daughter’s age group was called she nervously waited behind the rope and high-fived the Easter Bunny who came by to greet all the children. An air horn sounded and the children raced as fast as they could to gather as many Easter eggs as possible. It was amazing how fast 2500 eggs disappeared! Once the eggs were gathered – my three came out with a total of 70 eggs – we found a spot in the grass that was shaded by a tree. We opened every egg to find a lot of tootsie rolls! Unfortunately none of our 70 eggs held a slip of paper, but they were still thrilled with their loot. We picked up all of our eggs and made our way back to the car where I was asked, “Can we come back next year?”

Cost: Free event