Brews ‘N the Boulevard – A Craft Beer Event (Associated with Coastal Uncorked)

Brews n the Boulevard 2014Beer tasting, beer glass bobbing, and beer pouring – this was a craft beer event on the beach to remember!

Kelly and I arrived at Plyler Park at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and 10th Avenue North/Mr. Joe White Avenue in Myrtle Beach a little before the official start time of 5:00pm (trying to learn from our past few events where we unknowingly arrived two hours before everything shut down).  We were greeted by friendly volunteers who checked our tickets, checked our ID’s to make sure we were over 21 years old, gave us a wristband, and handed us a tall souvenir shot glass for beer tasting.  We entered three large open-air white tents that were lined with 17 beer suppliers offering over 75 craft beers!  There were two food vendors, bleachers in front of a stage with a band, a few tall tables where you could stand and mingle, and water and empty buckets to dump unwanted beer samples.  Once inside the event tents we could sample as many beers as we liked until 9:00pm.

At 5:00pm sharp the organizer welcomed everyone to the event and to the Coastal Uncorked Weekend, a wine and spirits festival that included the Brews ‘N the Boulevard-Craft Beer Event and the Tasting Trolley & Grand Tasting Event the next day (check out the Tasting Trolley & Grand Tasting Tent Event post).

Kelly and I made our way around the event tents and tasted a Strawberry and Purple Haze from Abita Brewery located in Abita Springs, Louisiana – they also gave out koozies which we wrapped around our glasses; a Peanut Butter Porter from Seminar Brewing located in Florence, SC that tasted just like peanut butter; a Summer, Amber, and Dry Hopped Apple from Woodchuck Hard Cider – my favorites with crisp and tart apple flavors – from Middlebury, Vermont; a Witty Twister, Son of a Peach, and Black Perle from RJ Rockers Brewing Co. located in Spartanburg, SC; a Summer Session and Nut Brown Ale from New South Brewing here in Myrtle Beach; and a Time Traveler and Curious Traveler – two more of my favorites from the night with strawberry and lemon flavors – from Boston Beer Company, just to name a few.

Our souvenir beer tasting glasses

Our souvenir beer tasting glasses

The beer pourers were friendly and filled up our glasses half full or more.  Kelly and I started asking them to pour us about a quarter full for a tasting so we could move on to the next brew.  We did end up using the buckets for quite a few of our unwanted samples.  Upon one of these trips, I tipped my glass-wrapped koozie over the unwanted beer sample bucket and watched as my souvenir glass slipped out of its koozie…and followed my sample into the depths of a bucket filled-to-the-top with beer!  A group of event-goers next to us joined us in our laughter and then Kelly spontaneously submerged her arm into the bucket, fished around for my glass, and lifted it triumphantly in the air!  The group next to us clapped and expressed how good a friend Kelly must be to “beer glass bob” (like apple-bobbing) for me.  I stood in shock and awe as she handed me my souvenir beer sampling glass, her arm soaked to above her elbow in beer.  I owe her one.

We made our way back to the entrance of the event to ask for another glass so I could continue tasting and they happily gave me another one.  We then tasted a few more brews and found ourselves in front of Red Hare Brewing Co.  The pourer asked us if we could do him a favor and pour for him while he ran to the restroom.  Kelly and I looked at each other and said, “Sure.”  We stood behind his table and Kelly gave me tips on how to pour a beer (she has had prior experience as a bar tender) and we didn’t have to wait long before a couple came up and asked us where the beer was brewed.  I had to look at the can and we found it was from “Marietta, Georgia.”  I cracked open a can and poured for her and her husband, and then poured one for the event organizer who came up and said he was told he HAD to try the Gangway IPA!  He didn’t balk at me behind the table so I must have pulled off the look and skill of a beer pourer!  When the REAL Red Hare Brewing Co. pourer came back he thanked us, filled our glasses with a Watership Brown brew (since we both are not fans of IPA’s), and gave us Red Hare Brewing Co. stickers.

As the sun set and the lights of Ocean Boulevard came on, the event tents were filled with people. (For this event we found that most people arrived about one-hour after the event started).  The sound of the band – which we thoroughly enjoyed and was named Revival –  mixed with the sound of the ocean waves crashing to the shore behind Plyler Park and with the chatter of friends, new and old, enjoying each others’ company.  This was a perfect event to start off a summer night in Myrtle Beach.  I look forward to attending it again next year!

Cost: $30 for two, if tickets were purchased in advance.  $25 per person if purchased at the door.  The food vendors sold ribs, barbecue sliders, nachos, cookies, chips, and hot dogs for $5 or less

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