Myrtle Beach’s Soccer Team: The Myrtle Beach Mutiny

Mutiny soccerDid you know that Myrtle Beach is home to a premier level soccer team that competes in the National Premier Soccer League?!  The Myrtle Beach Mutiny!  The Mutiny players have experience playing on teams all over the world and come from Myrtle Beach and states such as Virginia, North Dakota, and Ohio and countries like England, Venezuela, and Africa!

My 15 year-old son and 7 year-old daughter accompanied Kelly and me to the game.  My family has been to a few Socastee High School alumni games in the area over the years because my cousin was a Socastee Braves goalie, however this was Kelly’s first soccer game ever (she’s more of an American football fan). Kick-off was at 7pm and we arrived 10 minutes prior but had a little difficulty locating Ashley Booth Field.  It turns out it is adjacent to Doug Shaw Stadium at Myrtle Beach High School so if you park in their parking lot you can easily walk to the field.  We heard the National Anthem being sung as we shut the car doors and quickly made our way to the action.

Mutiny soccer 7There were a set of bleachers on each side of the field and the home side was packed.  We found one remaining bench that fit the four of us and sat down to a 1-0 score, in the Greenville/Spartanburg Upward Stars’ favor.  We looked through the program we had been given at the entrance and found that the Upward Stars were the highest ranking team currently in the South Atlantic League Standings. The Myrtle Beach Mutiny ranked second.

The first half was admittedly slow, except for the red card (the player was thrown out of the game) pulled in the 43rd minute on an Upward Star, but it picked up the second half. Soccer has two 45 minute halves, which was a surprise to not only Kelly but other first-time fans sitting near us as well.  The fans were very vocal and encouraged our players by name and asked the referee if he wanted to borrow someone’s glasses (the ref was making some really obvious bad calls). During the 15 minute half-time the announcer invited all the children to the field to try to kick a soccer ball through a hole.  About 50 kids came out of nowhere!  Maybe they were all playing on the nice play set situated at one end of the field.  Some were dressed in team jerseys.  The two successful attempts received an autographed soccer ball.

Most of the scoring occurred in the second half, with a final score of 4-2, Upward Stars.

Snare drummer at Mutiny soccer game

Snare drummer at Mutiny soccer game

Other highlights were the snare drummer who played flam paradiddles (rat-a-tats) and drum rolls to rally the crowd.  And the announcer kept things entertaining and light.  Some of his quips included: “Yes, high kicks are still in the rule book” after a high kick was called; “Folks it doesn’t count if the goal was made by the other team in the 53rd minute…and that was the 54th minute anyway” after the other team scored and the fans were watching the clock since being promised a free appetizer if a goal was scored in the 53rd minute; and “You can send them a greeting card” after it was taking a long time for the ball to be thrown back in the corner at the very end of the game.  A Mutiny chant was passed out with our program (which we didn’t get to chant, but I still like the concept):
We love ya, we love ya, we love ya
And where you’ll go, we’ll follow, we’ll follow, we’ll follow
Cos we support the Mut’ny, the Mut’ny, the Mut’ny
And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it
Woaaahh-oooohhhh, woaaahh-oooohhhh
Woaaahh-oooohhhh, woaaahh-oooohhhh

Mutiny soccer ticketsThis is a great outdoor sporting event to take the whole family.  Home games are played at Ashley Booth Stadium in Myrtle Beach with a kickoff at 7pm.  The remaining home schedule is as follows:

Friday, June 20 – FC  Carolina Discoveries
Saturday, June 28 – Carolina Railhawks U23s
Friday, July 11 – Upward Stars
July 19, 20, 21 – Playoffs (TBA)

Cost: Adults $7; Children $3; Concession food and drinks $4 or less.


The Myrtle Beach Mutiny

The Myrtle Beach Mutiny

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