FREE! Carriage Rides at The Market Common

Hannah and Kelly board the carriage at Market Common with driver, Joe and Misty, the Shire

Hannah and Kelly board the carriage at Market Common with driver, Joe and Misty, the Shire

Market Common offers free carriage rides each Friday throughout the summer.  These complimentary carriage rides begin outside of the Dolce Lusso Salon starting from 6-9 pm.  Because we didn’t know how busy it would be, Karen, her daughter Hannah, and I arrived around 5:30 with a picnic dinner to enjoy while we waited.

When we first arrived at the salon, we noticed one gentleman waiting by the “Free Carriage Rides” sign.  We spoke to him for a bit, and decided to eat our picnic close by to keep an eye out for the carriage.  We found a shady spot in Valor Park and set out our feast:  tuna noodle salad, peaches, Pringles, cheese cubes, and apple muffins for dessert.  Karen and I also enjoyed some sweet red wine.

After enjoying our meal, we decided to get in line behind three other groups of people.  I noticed many types of people taking advantage of the free rides: one couple (and their dog) celebrating their anniversary, a group of older women, and mothers with small children were among those waiting in line with us.  Hannah and I played clapping games (concentration 64, anyone?) to pass the time, and after an approximately half hour wait, we excitedly boarded the carriage.

Joe (the driver) and Misty (his horse) escorted us on a little-less-than 10 minute excursion through Market Common (the brick townhouse side, not the shop side).  We enjoyed the sights and company; Joe was easy to talk to.  Hannah was worried Misty was working too hard, so Joe explained that her breed of horse—a shire—is often used by farmers to plow fields, and that Misty actually has it pretty easy since she only pulls the carriage and only works one day a week.

It’s safe to say we all enjoyed the ride.  My suggestion for you is to arrive early; the later it got the longer the line became.  Additionally, make sure to bring a few dollars to tip Joe.  Of course, I didn’t have any but luckily Karen was there to save the day (as usual).  Next time you’re in Market Common on a Friday night, don’t forget to take advantage of these free carriage rides; I’m sure you’ll adore it!