Carolina Improv @ Uptown Theater

Jess, Kelly, Kayla, and Karen on the Carolina Improv stage with one of the Carolina Improv cast, Kevin

Jess, Kelly, Kayla, and Karen on the Carolina Improv stage with one of the Carolina Improv performers, Kevin

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the audience (or a performer) of the improvisational comedy show, “Whose Line is it Anyway?”  A show where performers take suggestions from the audience and act or sing out short games and skits to the tune of audience laughter? Kelly and I, joined by some friends, recently attended the 18+ improvisation show, “Whose Night Out is it Anyway?” performed at Uptown Theater, home of the Carolina Improv Company, right here in the Myrtle Beach area!

This 75-seat theater is located in a retail space at the Myrtle Beach Mall, and takes full advantage of the entertainment factor of sharing their space with other mall occupants (as they pointed out in one of their skits: what other theater is also home to Bass Pro Shops, Victoria’s Secret, and Krispy Krunchy Chicken?). The environment is friendly and intimate with the front desk, bar, lighting equipment, seats and stage all sharing space in one room.  As soon as we entered (about 30 minutes before show-time) we gave the front desk our tickets and were offered a variety of drinks to purchase: beer, wine, soda, and water. The performers inter-mingled with the audience and they learned where we were from and what brought us out that night – they had us laughing before they were even on stage! We seated ourselves in the second row, just a few feet from the stage and ordered a drink.

The show requires audience participation and it is encouraged throughout.  There were seven cast members the night we attended, who cycled on and off the stage depending on the skit.  They performed nine skits total.  The skits varied from performers taking turns singing a song one word at a time to performers taking on personalities from the audience. Throughout the show they asked the audience for random words or numbers to assist the performers in changing their acting styles with the blow of a whistle.  We laughed until our cheeks hurt.

After the show the performers mingled with the audience again.  We learned that we could sign up for a six to eight week improvisation class with the company as an individual (all performers are past class members), and businesses could schedule training classes to help their employees think faster on their feet. Kelly and I think we might just sign up for their improvisation class in the near future.  We also can’t wait to attend another one of their shows!

Carolina Improv Company is a training and entertainment company for businesses, organizations, and individuals. They offer various entertainment shows throughout the week including some appropriate for the family and some 18+ variations.

Cost: Show prices vary from $10-$14 at the door.  They also offer discounted tickets on their website for some shows.

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