Carolina Vineyards Winery at Barefoot Landing

Carolina Vineyards Winery is a local winery that produces wine from many fruits grown right in South Carolina.  The winery offers numerous tasting locations, and since we had an adventure nearby their Barefoot Landing Location (see Carolina Improv @ Uptown Theater), Karen and I (along with our good friend Kayla) couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what they were all about.

As we entered, we were quickly greeted by Lindsey from behind the tasting bar, who gave us our lists of forty-four wine options to choose from.  Most of the dry wines were grape (there were a few Merlot blends and a dry Muscadine), while the rest were generally made from various fruits.  Lindsey spoke to us about our jobs, the south, and London (where she originated), and was very pleasant to talk to.  She didn’t give us much information about each wine, and we all agreed this would have made our experience even better.

We strategically picked our seven wines; Kayla chose from the list of dry wines, Karen from semi-dry and medium wines, and I selected sweet wines.  We shared our wines with each other, giving each of us 21 unique wines to taste.  I particularly enjoyed the semi-sweet mango, while Karen favorited Tropical Escape, a unique fruit blend.  Kayla was partial to Pomegranate, and we all also enjoyed a blend of mango, white grape, and peach known as Summer Rental.

As with most tasting areas, Carolina Vineyard Winery also offered wine-themed items for purchase including wine glasses, kitchen supplies, and decorations.  Carolina Vineyards Winery is open seven days a week year-round, and while hours vary they consistently open at 10 am.  Wine tastings are offered for $3 and include your choice of 7 wines.  If you’re in the Barefoot Landing area, Carolina Vineyards Winery is definitely worth a visit.