May I Have This Dance?

Lee and Karen, Kelly and Jacob learn a few dance steps

Lee and Karen, Kelly and Jacob learn a few dance steps

Whether you are a fan of dancing or not, you have to admit it is impressive to see a couple on the dance floor who know what they are doing.  Kelly and I have no aspirations to qualify for a dance competition any time soon, but we do have a few weddings to attend this Fall and thought it might be fun to learn some bona fide dance steps for the dance floor.

We met with Ralph Hunn, instructor and owner of Affordable Dancing, at Core Fitness in Myrtle Beach (on Robert Grissom Parkway) for a 50 minute session. To prepare for the lesson he asked that we wear closed-toed shoes with rubber soles and to wear something comfortable to move around in. We warned him we were beginners but he just said that meant we didn’t have any bad habits to break.

Ralph began our lesson by asking us what kind of music we liked, admitting that you can dance to almost anything. He chose a few songs from our music genre suggestions and played them for us to dance to.  He told us anyone can dance, it just takes practice – just like golf or group sports.

He lined the boys up on one side of the room and the girls on the other.  He stood between us and demonstrated the boy’s part and then the girl’s part.  When we had each successfully copied what he showed us, he asked us to grab our partner’s hands to dance the step together.  Once we had mastered that, he taught us how to properly hold our hands and arms with our dance partners.

We learned two dances:

1. The Box Step, a slow ballroom dance – which can be slightly modified to a Waltz – that is literally making a box with your feet, without stepping on each other’s toes; and…
2. The Rumba, a fast ballroom dance  – which could also be used for a Swing and some people mistakenly use it as the dance, Shag.

Each dance step was complemented with a twirl, which Ralph taught us how to do without missing a beat. Within 50 minutes we were picking up the count of the songs and demonstrated a pretty solid skill in these two dance steps.  Ralph explained that these two dance moves could be used as basics to build on almost any dance.

Learning to dance these two steps was much easier than I anticipated!  (I also learned I have a hard time letting my partner lead).  We found ourselves laughing and having a really fun time.  We also learned that dancing is quite the workout!  Dancing has other health benefits like warding off Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia!  You can read about the studies and other health benefits here: Dancing Makes you Smarter.

Kelly and I look forward to finding a dance floor to try out our new-found dance skills on in Myrtle Beach! And if you can’t dance – try it! It’s fun! And as Ralph said, “There is no easier way to get a girl in your arms.”

Cost: $15 a person for 50 minutes.  Group and individual classes available.  One-time sessions as well as packages offered.