Harvest Home Weekend Festival at Brookgreen Gardens

20141005_145200_resizedIf you know me at all or have been following this blog, you already know that I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that autumn festivals are one of my favorite things in the entire world.  I am also highly fond of Brookgreen Gardens, one of (in my humble opinion) Myrtle Beach’s best area attractions.  Combine these two fabulous things, and you get the Harvest Home Weekend Festival—sure to be a fun time for everyone involved!

I’ll be honest, Karen and I still haven’t gotten the whole “timing” thing completely down; we arrived a little late to participate in some of the activities.  I definitely recommend arriving before 1 pm on the second day of the festival.  We missed out on pumpkin painting, and the hay rides were sold out by the time we got there.  That’s not to say we didn’t still have a fabulous day!

The first thing we noticed when arriving were the numerous (I’m guessing over 100) scarecrows built by attendees.  We couldn’t wait to try our hand at building one, although I think I was more excited than Hannah was since I’ve never built a scarecrow in all of my 27 years.  We signed up to participate (for free!), named our scarecrow (Lilly), and picked out the clothes we thought Lilly would look best in.  (Again, we arrived a little too late; there were no pants, but we were able to use an upside-down shirt to fashion some legs.)  Hannah drew Lilly’s face on a brown paper bag and we were given instructions on how to properly build a scarecrow (make sure you put the pants on before the arms!).



As you can see, Lilly turned out pretty fabulous.  I’m pretty sure her body type would make an excellent running back; I wish I could draft her for my Fantasy team.  For $5, we could have taken her home, but we decided to leave her for others to enjoy.  Additionally, we were told we could have brought our own clothes which I plan on doing next year.  I was thoroughly impressed with the creativity displayed—there were firemen scarecrows, mummy scarecrows, nurses, Gamecock cheerleaders, and more!

We walked around the gardens for a bit before heading to the gift shop where local artists were set up selling goods.  My favorite local soap shop was there and Karen and I each bought a Traditional Pumpkin soy candle (which was a tough decision since there were THREE kinds of pumpkin candles available).

After shopping, Hannah grabbed a bite to eat at the snack tent which had an assortment of chips, cookies, pretzels, candy, sodas, and alcoholic beverages.   Additionally, the Pavilion Restaurant was open and serving sandwiches, soups, salads, and other lunch menu items.  Although it wasn’t offered, I think hot apple cider would have been a nice touch (maybe bring your own thermos-full?).

While eating, Hannah noticed children playing on a large pile of hay bales, and we soon found ourselves joining in on the fun.  While watching the kids enjoy themselves, Karen and I noted how much fun they seemed to be having without a bunch of toys or electronics, which was really nice to see.

In addition to activities and food, entertainment was provided by live performances from Dave Berry and the Paul Grimshaw Duo.  Although I wish we would have arrived a bit earlier, we had a great time nonetheless.  I can’t wait to return next year, hopefully on the first day this time!