The Kindred Spirit Mailbox

kindred spirit mailbox (2)Karen and I recently spent a weekend in the southern-most Brunswick Islands, NC enjoying numerous adventures—from exploring The Museum of Coastal Carolina and the Ingram Planetarium to sipping chai tea at the local coffee shop Drift—but I have to admit my favorite adventure was finding the Kindred Spirit Mailbox.

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox sits within the dunes of Bird Island, adjacent to Sunset Beach.  Located about a mile and a half from the nearest parking lot, many come to Sunset Beach in search of the mailbox while others happen to stumble upon this North Carolina treasure.  The Kindred Spirit Mailbox was placed in its remote location about 40 years ago by a local as a place where its visitors could share their deepest thoughts, prayers, wishes, and more.

When Karen, Hannah, and I found the mailbox I was surprised to see someone else already there.  In fact, throughout our time at the mailbox (approximately 45 minutes), three other groups of people joined us.  I had expected the entries to occur maybe a few times a month—weekly at most—but while perusing the journals I found entries for nearly every day, and many days had more than one entry!

The mailbox and entries were exactly what I had envisioned—people’s worries about their marriages, people asking for prayers for loved ones or just describing their feelings after the death of a friend or family member.  Some people drew pictures and others just expressed gratitude for the beach or the beautiful weather.  My favorite entry came from a child, who wrote: “Dear Kindred Spirit, I’m sure you’ve met my grandfather, Larry.  I will meet you someday.  I am going to be walking the beautiful beach with you.  But for now I’m just a ten year old”.  I must have read nearly a hundred entries—each beautiful in its own way.

If you’re near the Brunswick Islands, this is a must-do adventure.  I left the Kindred Spirit Mailbox (after writing my own entry) with a sense on connectedness to humankind and a restored sense of faith in humanity that I hadn’t felt in many years.  You can view past journals at UNC Wilmington, where they are kept as part of a special collection. Kindred 1

Directions to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox:

Go to Sunset Beach, park near 40th street.  Once on the beach, turn right.  Walk about a mile and a half.  When you see an American flag flying among the dunes, you’ll know you’re close.  The mailbox is located within the dunes not more than 100 yards from the flag.